Refund Policy

In order to avoid scammers and ensure Money Back Guarantee for right claims made by our valuable customers we make sure that:

=> The candidate prepared for the certification examination using our state-of-art study material and study guides.
=> He should have spent at least 15 days studying our study materials before appearing in the certification examination.
=> The candidate appeared in the certification exam and didn’t skip the exam due to his own personal problems.
=> No faulty product or study material was delivered to the candidate by us.
=> The study guides and material is purchased from us within last 90 days.
=> Our money back guarantee does not apply to “non-proctored” certification exams i.e., the exams which are available online without any proctor.
=> Our Payment Refund Policy does not apply to Avaya, PMI, HP Riverbed, SSCP and SAP certification exams.
=> The candidate did not use our study material for the preparation of certification exam which is already retired.
=> The money back guarantee is not applicable for Bundles or Bundle purchases. => The candidate did not use any outdated study material to prepare for any particular certification exam. Since we update our study material every 3 months, so we make sure that only the updated study guides and materials are used by our customers for the preparation of certification exam.

Procedure for Payment Refund

At Dumps4Papers, we have always kept the interests and benefits of our devoted customers and visitors while making any policy. So, in order to avoid any fraudulent refund claim from any candidate and serve our valuable customers perfectly, we have set up our payment refund procedure quite simple and without any complications. For any refund claim, we would be asking you to provide us the following information and data:

=> Scanned copy of the Enrollment Slip on the basis of which the candidate got registered and appeared for the particular certification exam
=> Scanned copy of the Result containing the scores obtained by the candidate
=> Order number and receipt of the product(s) purchased from Dumps4Papers
=> Customers identity and payment method opted while purchasing product(s) from Dumps4Papers
For any refund claim, you can contact us at: [email protected]

After viewing and confirming the above information and documents from the candidate, we will be refunding the claim rightly made. It will be either the full repayment of the purchased products or replacement of the product(s) obtained with the new and updated one which would assist the customer in preparing for the certification exam. We will make sure that you get your refund claim processed within 7 working days.